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Cryptocurrency~A DM’s Voice….Awaking To The TF Journey

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Remember we are co-creators of our story; meaning you are the Story keeper of your life, so tell it. Your story of awakening is now manifest. Remember in the realm of awareness the element is space, where time is not relevant, so visualize it as if it has already happened and so it is.
With this concept in mind, it is a time to speak your truth.
Through divination we can bring focus to opening the door to our power of the mind, for the power of tomorrow lies in the actions of today. Remember the power of thought for thought is the access of the element to manifest. With the element of so within, so without, the truth of the soul is the gateway to the connection of our subconscious mind, and thus the connection to cosmic consciousness and the realm of the cosmos.
We look to the planets for spiritual divination, or accessing divine guidance. Venus into pluto, everything comes together. Cancer and Libra, equilibrium. New moon about healing and time to release, it is not always the way that we are thinking but it is the way things are. Time of celebration as all things come together in harmony.
Understanding the four levels of consciousness;
-the physical (mind)
-the soul (soul mind)
-the spiritual (spirit mind)
-the divine consciousness (divine mind)
When you are connecting to spirit for divination you are raising your energy vibration, within the mind to reach the spiritual to access the spirit mind. In the spirit mind you don’t have limiting boundaries, which allows us to gain access to knowledge of the spiritual plane.
Chakra means wheel and the Laws of Attraction. Emotional+ Intelligence=Wisdom.
Energy+motion=E-motion or manifestation. Everything seen comes from the unseen.
The Chakra system is a gateway of energy movement, like the ebb and flow of life into our physical bodies-energy in integration with life and life force, spiritual awareness; the up flow of energy in correlation to the harmonics of sound and connection to music. It is our ability to consciously direct this energy inward and outward upward and downward as you direct your focus on your senses and the integration of spirit and higher consciousness. Just as the chakras are correlated to parts of the body and certain organs, they are also equivalent on the
mental and spiritual level as such they correspond to human behavior and development. They therefore vibrate on different levels of integration in correlation with awareness and higher mental and spiritual faculties. The openness and flow of energy is consequently determined by balance of body, mind and soul.
Foundation of Body System; body is made up of energy, as such this energy is divided into meridians or circular disk shapes which are spinning energy center that exist in our subtle etheric body and these centers hold vibrations that both absorb and omit energy. Part of life force energy or Chi or Prana, located along the spine. Chi animates matter or infuses it with life. Charka is center of purification and governs this aspect of purifying.
Ancient system 5th Chakra-Source, upper chakra. Positive affirmations are very helpful in expressing your inner to the physical, as true expression is true justice of self, as this is a source of to manifest the expression of “me”, the I AM concept as this charkra is the mediator between the head and the heart, as such a medium in balance of how true I am to who I am (emphasis of the heart chakra).
Concept of understanding: Power over our action, as such the laws of attraction-as every choice we make has a consequence=it is the balance of our emotional and mental intentions.
Here also lies the integration of personal will and higher will that of the spiritual.
The things that help to improve and support this energy meridian is personal integrity, faith and self-knowledge. It is further associated with the subconscious state of mind or the dream state, as it gains access to this realm of communication and we can tap into our dream state more clearly and consciously.

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