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Foreign Homebuying Ban in New Zealand, Volatility in Cryptocurrencies

New Zealand passes a ban on (most) foreign homebuyers! Tyson Slocum looks at oil politics in Italy and the Caspian Sea. Ashlee Banks explains how trade wars could push seafood off your plate.

President Erdogan of Turkey kicks off a full-blown Trump fight with a threat to boycott U.S. electronics, while the Lira’s slide spooks investors worldwide. Fred Kaufman gives an overview of the global “Pizza Wars” you may not have known were being fought. Steve Keen checks in about Australian stocks, while Crown Casinos go to court to keep their views of Sydney Harbour!

Meanwhile, Kroger makes a big move on delivery – in China! Rivals try to take on Jull’s dominance in the nicotine device market. Alex Mihailovich asks if economic diplomacy can bring peace to the Korean peninsula, while Christy Ai talks us down from cryptocurrency panic. [1134]

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