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How to trade Cryptocurrencies on Bittrex – Step by Step Tutorial

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How to Buy and Sell Alt Coins on Bittrex Cryptocurrency Exchange
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In this video I talk you through every step on how to buy and sell coins on the bittrex cryptocurrency exchange. Bittrex is one of many cryptocurrency exchanges that allow anyone to trade cryptocurrencies and its one I like. If you are new to trading then I can understand how you might get a bit lost when you look at it first so that is why I don’t this video tutorial on how to execute your straight forward buy and sell orders right up to your buy and sell limit orders.

In this video I concentrate alot on Antshares (ANS) and use it for my examples as it is a coin I really like at the minute but the process is the exact same for any coin that you are buying or selling on Bittrex. I also hope that in a year I look back on this video with ANS at this price and think wow I’m glad I got in so early

There are people making an absolute fortune from trading cryptocurrencies but be careful and never risk more money than you can afford to lose.

Poloniex is another cryptocurrency trading platform and my Poloniex Tutorial is here –

Is Bittrex a scam? That would be a no Bittrex is not a scam in my eyes. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that facilities your trading.

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