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MUST WATCH: 3 Reasons Why ETHEREUM see new ALL TIME HIGHS [Cryptocurrency, Altcoins, Bitcoin]

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Hello Crypto Community!
Let’s talk about the latest Ethereum. Things get real!!

Today I want to talk about:

BitMEX CEO Calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether (ETH) Price Under $100

BitMEX CEO Calls Ethereum a Shitcoin, Says Ether (ETH) Price Under $100

Investors Try To Reason Why ETH Is Capitulating So Heavily

Ethereum Tumbles 17%, Investors Blame It On An ICO Sell-Off

DAPP Capitulation:

Plasma Cash: new Scalability solution for the Ethereum Network
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***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Use this channel as a starting off point.

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