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Real-Life Cryptocurrency Purchase and Use in Keene, NH

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Thomas Parisi of Cheshire TV’s NIGHTSVP recently paid a visit to Route 101 Local Goods in Keene, NH armed with a cryptocurrency wallet called Coinomi on his phone and a $20 bill.

First, in under two minutes, Route 101’s proprietor Chris Rietmann showed Thomas how to buy crypto at the Cryptocurrency Vending Machine.

Then, Thomas spends some of his newly-purchased DASH at the register, showing how easy it is to spend crypto at the point-of-sale, thanks to the NH-based Anypay company. Anypay is the POS merchant system in use at nearly all cryptocurrency-accepting businesses in the Monadnock region.

You can see a map of local businesses that are accepting crypto and learn a lot more about why they are accepting it at

In the area? Please join our local Meetup group, now with over 100 members at

You can also see a longer interview with Route 101’s proprietor, Chris Rietmann here on Thomas’ latest episode of his show, NightSVP:

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