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Top 5 bullish cryptocurrencies this week – August 2018

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Top 5 bullish cryptocurrencies this week
At number 5 we have AION

You can see resistance perform here for more than 4 month,
and finaly aion success to break it up.

If i draw support line here, we have descending triangle pattern at previous pattern.

and if i draw fibonacci,
we have two resistance level.
this will be our target profit for AION

First profit target at fibonacci 236
and second profit target at fibonacci 618

Our trading plan at AION is :
buy at support at 700 and aim for 121% profit projection at 1553
and if this resistance breakup, our next target at 3125 with 351% profit

At number 4 we have vertcoin
We have resistance and support here.
This resistance and support perform a big channel down pattern,
so basicly vert still inside bearish wave.

If i zoom in, you can see mini channel down perform here,
and its already break up,
So this is reversal moment for vertcoin
If i draw fibonacci, we have 2 resistance line at fibonacci 618 and at fibonacci 236
both this resistance is our profit target.

Next step to draw support line, incase this coin failed.
So our trading plan is buy now and aim for target one at 13123
and if this resistance break up, we can set maximum target profit at 18264 with 69% profit projection

We have populus at number 3
Populus already break up falling wedge pattern,
and rightnow we have pullback.
with fibonacci, we can buy this coin at fibonacci support zone,
and for target, we have target one at fibonacci 236 at 11260
and if target one resistance break up, we can aim for more at 22564

At number 2 we have walton
Walton still inside falling wedge pattern,
but this coin already touch support line.

If i zoom in, we have small channel down perform here,
this small channel already break up.

After this channel break, we can see bullish flag perform here.
So we already have trading plan at walton.

We buy at flag support and aim for projection at 5825
we have 46% profit projection for this setup
If this pattern failed, price will return to support line at 3144

At number one,
we have ONT.
ONT also perform channel down at previous pattern and its already break up.
After ONT break channel down, it perform bullish pennant.
So we can easy calculate this pattern projection.
And if we combine with fibonacci, this projection at same level at fibonacci 50.
this is a perfect target for us.

We can calculate projection with AB equal to CD.

So we already have tradingplan for ONTBTC.
We buy ONT now or wait at fibonacci support, and aim for bullish pennant projection at 6764
and if this pattern failed, price will drop to support level at 1807
we have 144% profit target for this setup. good luck

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