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Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

From our experience, we only recommend trading on the following exchanges:

Bitcoin Futures
Bitmex (http://bitmex.whalepool.io/) – Proven track record, available in the whalepool telegram chat also. A great platform with high leverage available

Binance (http://binance.whalepool.io/) – A new comer to the altcoin scene rapidly gaining popularity for shitcoins. Run & administered by the ex-Okcoin CTO. Seems very popular with a better UI & selection than bittrex

Spot Trading BTC/Alts
Bitfinex (http://bitfinex.whalepool.io/) – Proven track record. Great staff. The most liquid BTCUSD market. Find Bitfinex reps on teamspeak also.

Bitcoin Options
Deribit (http://derbit.whalepool.io/) – A newcomer to the scene but growing rapidly. Used by Whalepool users for some time now as the prefered way to trade bitcoin options. Ask Saj any question in telegram.

1broker (http://1broker.whalepool.io/) – Without a doubt, the cheapest & best CFD platform to use with your bitcoin. Including copy trade features. Proven track record. 1broker reps also available on teamspeak

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