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Top 6 Cryptocurrencies With the Best Technology, So Far…..

To my loyal watchers, this is more of a preview into the currencies I plan on super studying in the future, if I ever get time that is…

In this video of Let’s Invest we analyze the entire cryptocurrency market and pick out the top 17 coins that SEEM to have the best technology and SEEM to be most interesting for further study. I don’t think I gave enough attention to HEAT in this video, I am looking forward to studying it more in the future and if I decide it is a good coin I will make a super study video of it. I plan on reviewing decred and byteball as well if I can find a decent source of info, so stay tuned for those videos in the future!

– I’m sorry this video took 15 minutes to say so little, lol
– NXT isn’t that great IMHO
– I apologize if TheCreed scared you as much as it scared me
-Nexus is very interesting as well, need to do more research

Dash Vs NEM scaling solutions vid:

What is NEM/ XEM? vid:

What is PIVX?:

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